Gosport car salesman sold vehicles with fake service history

Gordon Angelo
Gordon Angelo
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CAR salesman Gordon Angelo has admitted selling vehicles with fake service histories.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 45-year-old, who runs Part X Motors Ltd in Gosport, used the AutoTrader website and his own site to advertise the cars.

Prosecutor Edward Elton said: ‘The content included photographs of service books that contained more stamps than had been legitimately placed there in services of the cars.’

Mr Elton said one of the cars, a Ford Fusion, had never had any services before it was sold to Part X but then had false stamps put in for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

He added the woman who bought the Ford would not have done so at the price if she had known about the false history.

‘The sale was only concluded after the fraudulent stamps had been considered,’ he said.

A second car, a Renault Scenic, had three fake stamps and the car was sold to an unwitting buyer for £4,780.

Hampshire Trading Standards’ investigation found another customer bought a car with three stamps reported by the previous owner to be false, Mr Elton said.

He added when the new owner called Angelo’s business after the car fell foul of a number of faults, another man left her feeling intimidated, saying: ‘So what do you know about cars anyway?

‘Do you work in the motor trade? No? Then shut up.’

The court heard a Saab was also sold for £2,926 but the buyer got just £200 when she returned it after it had faults.

Mr Elton added: ‘If she’d been aware of the vehicle history was not genuine she would not have purchased the car.’

The court heard Angelo denied putting in the false stamps.

Edward Hollingsworth, defending, said: ‘These offences are of putting false stamps in service books, there’s not suggesting he sold cars that aren’t road-worthy.’

Recorder Nicholas Atkinson QC adjourned sentencing for probation to complete a pre-sentence report.

Angelo, of Pettycot Crescent, Gosport, admitted two fraud charges of making a false representation in relation to four cars.

He pleaded guilty to using an instrument, six vehicle service histories, which he knew to be false with the intention of somebody accepting it as genuine under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981.

Angelo also admitted possessing or having in his control two falsified vehicle service history books.

The charges span from 2012 to 2014.