Gosport council launches new scheme to help suppprt mums

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A NEW scheme aims to provide support for mothers who want to breastfeed away from home.

With so many health benefits to breastfeeding for mums and babies, the Gosport Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is encouraging businesses and public buildings to show mums that they are welcome to breastfeed on their premises.

Anyone signing up will display a Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme window sticker to show support.

It is unlawful for any business to discriminate against a woman because she is breastfeeding and Gosport Borough Council is trying to help eliminate the stigma that surrounds breastfeeding in public.

Any business displaying the scheme’s sticker will accommodate any mother who wishes to breastfeed their child without intrusion and the staff on these premises will be well informed of the measures to take to make mothers feel more comfortable.

For more on the scheme visit gosport.gov.uk/sections/community/health-and-wellbeing/gbfwelcome