Gosport demolition site horror as rocks land in car park

The site in Rowner, Gosport
The site in Rowner, Gosport
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CHUNKS of concrete fell from a block of flats and landed in a nearby supermarket car park.

Shocked Kelly-Anne Bradley was coming out of Tesco in Rowner, Gosport, when she and a friend spotted the masonry falling down.

It comes as the Rowner Renewal Partnership is demolishing the final pieces of the old estate to make way for new homes.

The 32-year-old told The News: ‘We’d stopped before getting into the car to watch the demolition for a second.

‘The digger moved it to pull that piece down and it came off in one section and was dropped.

‘When it fell it shattered as it hit the floor.

‘Loads of pieces flew into the air and landed all across the car park.

‘There was one particularly loud bang and it looked like a car was hit.’

Kelly-Anne, from Elson, and her pal Gemma Thompson stopped to see if anything else fell from the flats after the incident at 1.45pm yesterday.

She added: ‘Someone could have been badly hurt.

‘I was a little worried we were going to get hit by them but fortunately not.’

The rest of the demolition work is due to be completed early next year.

Grange councillor Tony Jessop said he had been in touch with the partnership about the incident.

He said: ‘They were aware of it anyway and it’s just a freak lump – it’s unusual.

‘It’s always a concern with anything like this.

‘We have to take prompt action whenever danger is identified.’

Kelly-Anne picked up a chunk of the concrete, snapped a photo of it and posted the image and a warning to a popular Facebook page about Gosport.

She posted: ‘Careful when you’re at Tesco Rowner.

‘Bits of Rowner estate are falling into the car park!

‘Try and park as far away from demolition area as possible.

‘This rock I saw fall from up where the grabber was.

‘When the concrete fell it bounced and landed quite far into the car park. ‘

As reported, 700 new homes are due to be built as part of the scheme run by Gosport’s council, Hampshire County Council, First Wessex, Taylor Wimpey and the Homes and Communities 

The News understands the demolition firm is 

Work stopped until investigation complete

DEMOLITION work on a section of the Rowner site has been halted while an investigation takes place.

Hazel Warwick, spokeswoman for the Rowner Renewal Partnership, said debris netting will also be put up.

She said: ‘We are very concerned to hear reports of debris travelling across the security fencing into the adjacent car park.

‘All demolition in this part of the site has been stopped with immediate effect and will only resume after we have fully investigated the incident.

‘Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, before work does recommence near the car park hoarding, the very least we will do is erect a scaffold frame along the line of the boundary and clad it with debris netting. ‘The safety of the public is our primary concern.’