Gosport family reunited with cat they thought was lost forever

HOME Chelsea has been reunited with her family after going missing last year.
HOME Chelsea has been reunited with her family after going missing last year.
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GOSPORT Cats Protection has helped a family reunite with their beloved cat nearly a year after she disappeared.

Shelly Fairbrother relocated to Williams Close, Rowner, with her family and two cats Chelsea and Mojo, from Poole last August.

Shortly after the move, the cats proved to be escape artists, when Mojo found a way to break through the locked cat flap on the second day in the new home, with Chelsea following swiftly behind into the great outdoors.

Neither cat was microchipped before going missing. However, with the help of Gosport Cats Protection volunteers, Shelly was soon reunited with Mojo after he was found in a neighbouring road.

Chelsea, however, was still missing and despite it being almost a year since she had gone, Shelly decided to try find her cat one last time.

She had seen posts on Gosport Cat Protection’s website and Facebook page, and thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with one of the charity’s volunteers, Carole Rudin, to ask for help.

The following day, Carole received a phone call from Richard Thomas, of Harding Road, Gosport who, along with his wife Helen, had been looking after a stray cat which had appeared on their road.

As she had only received the email from Shelly the day before, Carole thought that the cat on Harding Road could actually be Chelsea.

After checking her reports and asking Richard for his opinion on the likeness between the Harding Road cat and Chelsea, she was able to confirm this was the same cat that had escaped the Fairbrother home last August.

After being told the news, Shelly met with Carole and Richard where she was delighted to be reunited with Chelsea, the pet she thought she had lost forever.

Shelly was very thankful to the charity and has given a generous donation for its work in finding her cat, and thanked Richard and his wife for feeding and caring for Chelsea.

She said: ‘I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and the wonderful people who fed her.’