Gosport family speak of escape after boiler explosion

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A FAMILY have spoken of their narrow escape after a gas boiler in their home exploded.

Twin brothers Marc and Justin Warner, 41, were at home with their four children in Goodwood Road Elson in Gosport when they smelt gas shortly before the explosion at 7.45pm last night.

LUCKY ESCAPE Marc and Justin Warner

LUCKY ESCAPE Marc and Justin Warner

The force of the explosion lifted the roof and ripped the front door from its hinges, launching it into the front garden.

Marc’s 11-year-old son Bayley was in the front room near the boiler.

Marc, who was upstairs with his brother and the three other children, said he was worried Bayley had been hurt in the explosion.

He said: ‘The noise was unbelievable, you felt the pressure in your ears.

‘My son came out of here and shouted “fire”.

‘I ran down the stairs because I was worried about him and then we all just ran outside.’

Marc’s other son Drew, 12, and Justin’s daughter Charlotte, 14 and son Luke, 15, were all treated for shock by paramedics at the scene.

Grandparents Elaine, 60 and Brian, 63, were out at the time of the explosion, arriving back shortly after.

Marc added the Red Cross are now going to find the family somewhere to live.

The children stayed with friends and relatives.

Southern Gas Networks, which looks after gas mains, were called to isolate the supply to the house.

They worked well into the night.

Denis Kerby is a spokesman for the group.

He said: ‘We were called in by the fire brigade to make safe a property.

‘There was a reported explosion at the site.

‘The exact cause will be fully investigated by the fire brigade.

‘Engineers have made it safe and shut the gas off at the meter.

‘It looks at this stage that the issue was within the boiler at the house.’

Mr Kerby said there was no impact on any other properties and they did not lose their gas connections.