Gosport head shave turns loss into gain with cancer charity wigs

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A WOMAN will donate her waist-length hair to a cancer charity.

Kelly Evans, 31, of Thornton Road, in Hardway, Gosport, is to shave all her hair off on Saturday, July 13 at The Windsor Castle pub in St Thomas’s Road, Gosport.

Her colleagues will shave her hair at the event, which starts at 8pm, with the big chop happening around 10pm.

Kelly decided to give her hair to Little Princess Trust,which provides wigs for children who lose their hair through cancer treatment.

She said: ‘It costs anything up to £300 just to have the wigs made.

‘They’ve got to buy the hair as well and human hair is really expensive.

‘They pay for it by the gram, so it’s good if you can do anything toward helping little children going through things like that, which is upsetting.’

She added providing wigs for children is particularly important.

She said: ‘It’s one less thing for them to worry about. It’s not nice for anyone but for little children the indignity of it is horrendous. This gives them a bit of confidence to let them know people do care.’

Kelly and daughter Shannon Robinson-Evans, 10, will also run the Race for Life on Sunday, July 21 in Southsea.

Together they have raised £600 out of a target of £1,000.