Gosport man fined for fly tipping offence in Whiteley

A GOSPORT man has been fined for fly tipping in Whiteley.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 2:23 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:26 pm

Alin Grosu of Gosport was prosecuted by Winchester City council in relation to a fly-tipping offence on March 13 this year where a bumper, tyre, wooden pallets, cardboard boxes and packaging was found dumped 

Portsmouth Magistrates Court heard how a vehicle owned by Grosu was captured on CCTV, driving onto the Fulcrum 4 Business Unit at Solent Way in Whiteley.

Mr Grosu was convicted after a trial, having pleaded not guilty at a previous hearing.

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When sentencing Grosu, the Magistrates ordered him to pay the £174 cost of clearing the waste, a £200 fine, £90 towards prosecution costs and a £30 Victim Surcharge.

They told Grosu that had they followed the Sentencing Guidelines, he would have been facing a financial penalty of almost £8,000.

However, due to Grosu having significant outstanding court fines for unrelated matters, they were limited to the penalty they could impose.

Portfolio holder for Community Safety & Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Lisa Griffiths said: '˜Fly-tipping simply will not and cannot be tolerated, and I am delighted to see another successful prosecution that shows that we will continue to tackle this issue and take action against those who choose to blight the district in this way.

'˜People seem to think they can get away with dumping waste, without a second thought to the effect it has on the environment, and that is exactly why we will continue to prosecute against those who we have evidence against who commit this crime.'