Gosport Man found dead at home was estate crusader

CAMPAIGNERS Hans Munch pictured with his disabled wife, June
CAMPAIGNERS Hans Munch pictured with his disabled wife, June

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A MAN found dead in his gas-filled home had been a long-standing campaigner to improve a Gosport estate.

Hans Munch, 52, had only moved into the detached bungalow in Wych Lane, Bridgemary, about six months earlier with his disabled wife, June.

The couple had previously lived in Rowner where they had been locked in lengthy legal disputes with managers of the estate over the condition of the buildings.

But with the demolition of some parts of Rowner, the Munchs moved to Wych Lane.

Tragically, Mrs Munch died as the result of an infection in March.

And on Thursday, Mr Munch, who was originally from Germany, was found dead at his home.

When the emergency services entered the home they discovered it was filled with helium gas and they had to cordon off the area, as reported in The News yesterday.

Neighbour Steve Wilkins, who raised the alarm after becoming concerned for Mr Munch’s wellbeing, said the pair had campaigned for a better Rowner.

‘It seemed they had to fight, fight, fight and there were years of stress,’ he said.

‘They had to wait a while for the new home to be adapted for her before they could move in here.

‘He would take his wife for dialysis three times a week.

‘After she died you rarely saw him. The last time I spoke to him was in early April.’

The emergency services’ response to Thursday’s call-out led to about 200 yards of Wych Lane being cordoned off for three hours.

An inquest is expected to be opened in the next few days.

Mr and Mrs Munch are not thought to have had any next of kin.

Mr Wilkins added: ‘It was just him, her, and their little dog. I don’t think they had many visitors. That was his whole world.’