Gosport mayor’s first charity music night exceeds expectations

All artists back on stage ' Dan Pellatt, Lovibond and Lucas, the Startled Monkeys
All artists back on stage ' Dan Pellatt, Lovibond and Lucas, the Startled Monkeys
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An evening of live music raising money for local charities was held recently.

The event raised £810.

It was the mayor’s first involvement in a charity event of this kind.

A diverse range of acts participated in the event, including performances from local folk singer Kenny Alexander, Startled Monkeys, and Lovibond and Lucas.

The mayor of Gosport, Keith Farr, said: ‘It went brilliantly, it was far, far better than we expected as it’s the first time we’ve tried something like this.

‘The hall was packed and we raised a total of £810.

‘Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the acts played for free. The money raised will be split between helping Multiple Sclerosis and local charity Loud and Proud.

‘Everyone was coming up to ask when the next one will be, and even though we didn’t sell a lot of tickets beforehand, a lot paid on the door.

‘I’m amazed what support we got from local people.

‘It’s the biggest thing that’s happened in a long time.’

Joining the live performances, charity Loud and Proud were also involved in the evening. A spokeswoman for Loud and Proud said: ‘We’re really struggling with funding and it’s nice to see how much people care and how supportive they are.’

Gosport Voluntary Action, the group that supports 16 to 25-year-olds through volunteering, will receive part of the overall funds, with the other part going toward the The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Alderman Graham Hewitt, president of the society, said: ‘The Multiple Sclerosis Society plays a vital part in helping the many people that have this awful illness.

‘During the last 35 years we have provided emotional support which is vital to helping them cope with their situation.

‘No two sufferers have the same problems.

‘It helps considerably for newly diagnosed people by meeting others who have learnt to live with multiple sclerosis.

‘We are extremely grateful to our mayor Keith Farr for his positive help and enthusiasm.’