‘Gosport Nancy’ brought to life by folk stars Bellowhead

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SAILORS’ drinking songs are passed down from one old salt to the next, telling tales of life at sea.

And now contemporary folk band Bellowhead have immortalised one by telling a ripe story of Gosport’s women of ill repute in their latest single.

Bellowhead have recorded the sea shanty Gosport Nancy

Bellowhead have recorded the sea shanty Gosport Nancy

They recorded Gosport Nancy, a song penned by an unknown composer which tells the story of the welcome sailors get from the woman of the title.

It was previously performed by the late former submariner and Gosport singer-songwriter Cyril Tawney.

Bellowhead band member Paul Sartin said the band were always on the lookout for new material.

‘It seems it was quite popular in the Second World War with sailors,’ he said.

‘It’s good fun and it’s got a good melody. But I’m sure Gosport’s not like that any more.’

Bellowhead are due to play at Wickham Festival on August 17 and have previously played at Stokes Bay festival in 2008.

Peter Chegwyn, organiser of Wickham Festival, said: ‘It’s fantastic for Gosport.

‘It’s great. It’s on Radio 2 all the time at the moment. It would be lovely to have Gosport in the charts.’

People have taken to Facebook after being surprised to hear Gosport mentioned on the radio.

Tony Jones posted: ‘Just got taken totally by surprise.

‘Turned on Radio 2 and was greeted by a tune by a folk group called Bellowhead, by the name of Gosport Nancy!

‘Didn’t expect to hear that, especially on national radio as well!

‘Seems our ascent has started properly guys and girls!’

Chris Hughes wrote: ‘Not sure what to think about Bellowhead’s new single called Gosport Nancy. I hope it doesn’t give Gosport a bad name! I know plenty of Gosport ladies and they are all lovely.’

Vicky Moore added: ‘Finally a song about Gosport, love it!’