Gosport pub’s annual beer festival once again proves a hit with the locals

Landlady Ann Redman
Landlady Ann Redman
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A COMMUNITY pub’s annual beer festival has once again been hailed a roaring success.

The Queens Hotel, in Queen’s Road, Gosport, held its 15th real ale bash from October 23 to 25.

Twenty-four beers were on offer to guests – through the taps and on the stillages.

And it proved so popular that most of the beer had been polished off by the Sunday morning.

The occasion marked landlady Sue Lampon’s 32nd year in charge of the back-street local.

She begins her 33rd year on November 30.

Sue said: ‘It went very well, it was a very good beer festival and the locals really supported it.

‘The beer was virtually all gone by the Sunday morning; all that was left were 10 pints on the stillages.

‘The beers we had were from all over the country, from little independent breweries.’

Talking about why she remains committed to her role, Sue said: ‘It’s a way of life now.

‘I enjoy the variety you get from day to day and enjoy seeing the customers who come in here.

‘It’s like one, happy family really.

‘It’s a social life; and I enjoy the social aspect with the customers.’

And Sue said she intends on sticking around years to come – so long as her committed locals continue supporting her pub.

Sue said: ‘As long as there is trade and the customers keep coming in to support – which is getting harder and harder because of the supermarkets – then I will keep on going.’

The pub is now gearing up for Christmas and New Year celebrations.