Gosport residents angry with '˜imposing' extension

NEIGHBOURS have started a petition against an extension to a house that they say is too big and imposing.

Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 6:04 am
Residents in front of the property in Alver Road causing problems for neighbours Picture: Mick Young

People living in Alver Road, Gosport, are unhappy with the work at the four-bedroom property, which was given planning permission by Gosport council.

Next-door neighbours Connie Chai and Poay Koh are distraught about the extension.

Mum-of-two Connie said: ‘We have worked hard for our home and this extension has ruined it.

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‘This is our family home and it seems like we can do nothing about what is being done.’

Residents in Alver Road have been in touch with the council’s planning department as they believe the house is not following its planning proposal.

Tracy Smith said: ‘It looks like they could be building six bedrooms, which we think will be for lodgers.

‘The roof is overhanging on Connie and Poay’s house and the extension is so close to their wall they can’t get to the guttering.

‘Their hallway has water damage and their garden wall is crumbling.

‘When the application went in, we didn’t have any issues.

‘But now it’s being built, it is far too big and imposes too much on the neighbours.

‘Looking at the extension now, I don’t know how the council could give permission for it.’

A spokeswoman from the council said it is monitoring the situation.

She added the council is investigating possible breaches and has carried out visits to establish the planning position.

She said: ‘The applicant has constructed dormer roof extensions believing them to not require planning permission.

‘It is the council’s view that as the extension is not substantially complete, and as the dormers project on to the two storey extension’s roof, these works result in an alteration to the extension requiring planning permission.

‘The applicant is 
considering how to resolve this issue.’