Gosport residents demand firm solves garden flooding

WATERLOGGED Ian and Julie Stell in their flooded back garden. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (133147-1)
WATERLOGGED Ian and Julie Stell in their flooded back garden. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133147-1)
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A HUSBAND and wife are calling for an energy company to carry out work after their garden has been left flooded for several months.

Ian Stell, 68, of Woodside, Gosport, blames SSE for the flooding and wants the firm to fix a nearby drainage ditch on land it owns.

He said the firm blocked the drainage ditch during work on a nearby power supply.

But he feels fobbed off after the firm promised it would fix the problem five months ago.

Mr Stell said: ‘We got on to SSE and they sent down someone who would come, look and tut at the situation.

‘They then assigned a project manager from Reading.

‘He said he’d get it sorted in July.

‘Then he said they couldn’t, then there was an excuse in August, October and so on.

‘Now they are saying a resident is blocking the work.’

Residents in Woodside bought the land behind their homes but SSE owns the part where the ditch is blocked.

Mr Stell’s wife Julie, 67, said the flooding has stopped them enjoying their garden.

She said: ‘We paid £1,000 for the land and we just can’t use it and the smell is unbelievable.’

The firm says there is a problem with getting permission to access the area.

Mr Stell added the problem of flooding is not new to the area but since SSE has owned the land the flood water has become dirtier.

He added: ‘The contract says that the drainage ditch has to be kept open, so how can anyone block the work?

‘Why can’t SSE get on to its own land to start work?’

‘As winter comes it is only going to get worse.

‘One week of torrential rain and it will flood again.

‘But there is no urgency and commitment from SSE to sort this out.’

Sharron McKenzie, a spokeswoman for SSE told The News the firm hopes to carry out the work soon.

She said: ‘There are no excuses.

‘We are committed to being a good neighbour.

‘There has been an issue with access to the land but we are trying to reach a solution.

‘We have everything in place to go and we are hopeful we will get a solution soon.’