Gosport residents fed up with dog fouling in park

RESIDENTS are fed up with the amount of dog fouling in a park near their homes.

Friday, 20th May 2016, 6:01 am
Residents are fed up with dog mess in a Gosport park

People living near the park on Grove Avenue, in Gosport, have complained to the borough council about the state of the open space.

They said dog walkers have been leaving their pets’ mess in the park and nothing is being done about it.

One resident Neil Cleveland said it has got so bad he cannot let his granddaughter run around in case she steps in the mess.

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He said: ‘My neighbours and I have been trying for ages to get the council to do something about the fact that Grove Avenue park is now being used as Gosport’s premier dog toilet.

‘They seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

‘The park was originally made really nice and has been maintained by residents so people could have a place to take their children to play.

‘But in the past few years it has been used as a place where dog owners can let their dogs run wild and do their business all over the park.’

Mr Cleveland has taken photographs of the dog mess to send to the council as evidence of what is going on.

He said the dog mess is a hazard to younger children and the pets should be kept on their leads if children are playing.

‘It is a fenced area so people let their dogs off the lead,’ he added.

‘I recently took my granddaughter over there to play but I could not let her run around and play because of all the fouling.

‘I felt like it needed her to be on a lead which is what the dogs that did this should have been on.’

Another resident, who asked not be named, said other areas of the town are kept clear and it is not fair.

‘The council concentrates on the beach areas like Stokes Bay and Lee-on-the-Solent so it obviously cares about how the town looks,’ he said.

‘It is a shame it cannot spare someone from Street Scene to look at the park.

‘We should be able to have nice greenery especially now the summer is coming.’

A spokeswoman from Gosport Borough Council said the authority had received the complaints from residents and was looking into the issues raised.