Gosport woman ‘angry’ she was refused haircut at male barbers

Alice O'Toole
Alice O'Toole

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A GOSPORT woman says she has been sexually-discriminated against as she was refused a haircut in an all-male barbers.

Alice O’Toole, of Gosport, visited Razor’s Edge, in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, to have her hair shaved and possibly have patterns on it, which is known as hair art.

But Alice claims she was refused the cut as she is female.

She said: ‘I wanted to get my head shaved and possibly get some hair art, having heard fantastic things about Razor’s Edge I decided that this would be the best place for me to go.

‘I already had very short hair, so it wasn’t a particularly big job. I thought nothing of it, essentially I wanted a haircut this is typically given to men so surely the best place to go was a barbers.

‘And my mum shaved her head as a girl in a barbers so I could surely do the same.

‘Apparently not. I went into Razor’s Edge in Commercial Road and was told they would not give me, essentially a male haircut as I am a woman.

‘The receptionist looked very embarrassed as I asked for an explanation and all she could offer is “we don’t do girls”.

‘When I asked wasn’t this a bit sexist even she admitted that yes it is. It’s not like I asked for a perm.

‘I was angry and confused as to why I was refused service just because I am a woman.

‘I went to another salon and had my haircut. But they don’t do the hair art so I missed out on that.’

Razor’s Edge has two branches – one in Commercial Road and a second in North End.

Its website says its a male-grooming barber.