Gosport woman gets her hand trapped in her friend’s Mini

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FIREFIGHTERS came to the rescue of a woman who got her hand stuck in a car’s grab handle above the passenger window.

The woman, who was in her 20s, was a passenger in her friend’s Mini Clubman when her hand went up past the 
handle, trapping her by the wrist.

The pair tried to free her hand using washing-up liquid, but after 30 minutes, they drove to Gosport Fire Station and asked firefighters for help.

Crew manager Rob Dellow said: ‘We took the cover off and unscrewed the handle and her hand popped out and she started to get some feeling in it again.’

The women went to the fire service for help at about 11.45am yesterday.

Firefighters had freed the woman by midday.

They said she was left unhurt but slightly embarrassed by the incident.