‘Green companies are bullying our local government’

SPEAKING OUT Julie Harding
SPEAKING OUT Julie Harding

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Local governments are being forced into a corner regarding the siting of ‘green energy’ installations.

Currently, solar companies approach landowners. Then together they submit a planning application.

It is a commercial transaction and a lucrative one.

The public and the environment then suffer the consequences, with acres of glass and metal constructions, leading to a destruction of areas for wildlife, a loss of farming land and a loss of land used for public amenities. Which isn’t really so green, is it?

Our local governments are put under pressure if they resist these applications; they are encouraged to meet UK ‘green energy’ requirement.

The other worrying truth is that the barrage of reports which are researched and written as a requirement for the planning applications are paid for by the energy companies and are sometimes researched over a period of one day rather, meaning that many ecological aspects may go unnoticed.

Surely we should change the requirements of these applications? They should be required to consider not just the most economical site but also the least harmful to the environment and the community?

We have brownfield sites where solar panels could be placed.

If we need these ‘green’ energy sites all over the UK, local councils should also be required to draw up a list of suitable sites. These sites should be the only ones that can be considered for planning.

We should not be bullied by energy companies. There is much more at stake for our future generations than purely economics and a thirst for energy.