Green spaces top the list for possible housing estates in Downs National Park

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TWO greenfield sites have topped the list of where houses are likely to be built in the Petersfield area.

The Causeway and Penns Field are included in an influential report published by the South Downs National Park Authority and East Hampshire District Council.

The Options Report investigates potential development in the town for future years and details five alternatives.

As reported in The News, the South Downs National Park Authority will now be at the forefront of decision-making for big housing applications in the Petersfield area.

Applications for three housing reserve sites in Petersfield - at Causeway Farm, land south east of the Causeway, and Penns Field – have already been refused by East Hampshire District Council because of uncertainty regarding the National Park.

But the new report does not discount larger development within the National Park. One of the options is to build between 330 and 420 dwellings on land to the south of the town around The Causeway – with other possible smaller sites scattered to the east at Penns Field and to the east of Harrier Way.

The second option being considered is a ‘Southern Gateway Development’ – again centred around The Causeway.

In this scenario between 580 and 750 dwellings would be built around The Causeway and at dispersed sites to the east of the town.

The third alternative would be to build between 580 and 750 homes on agricultural land near Penns Place, with other small sites in the east and north of Petersfield.

The fourth option, called ‘Eastern Hub,’ would mean 580 and 750 dwellings being split between The Causeway and Penns Field playing fields.

The fifth option – where The Causeway and either Penns Field or agricultural land near Penns Place would provide between 1,040 and 1,350 dwellings – was also put forward.

No final decisions have been made by the authority, which is based in Midhurst, West Sussex. The report is available to view at