Greens’ ban on fracking if they win at election

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GREEN Party election candidates have been on the campaign trail canvassing views on climate change.

Parliamentary candidate Tim Dawes was joined by Havant Borough Council nominees Sue Holt and Paul Valentine outside St Mary’s Church, Hayling, the highest point on the island.

Mrs Holt, who is standing in Hayling West, said if all the Greenland ice melts the sea level will rise by 25ft.

She added: ‘I’ve lived on Hayling most of my life, and it’s terrible to think that, because of our inaction now, the whole island may be lost to the waves.’

Hayling East candidate Mr Valentine said: ‘Those who deny that climate change is caused by human activity are not just flying in the face of scientific evidence – they are selling birthright of their grandchildren.’

Mr Dawes said his party wants a rapid switch away from coal and oil to renewable energy, a massive increase in the renewable and recycling industry to create a million new skilled jobs, and a ban on fracking.