Grieving dad ‘keeps reliving’ family crash death caused by Hampshire lorry driver

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A father has spoken about the horrific moment he watched his partner and three children die after a Hampshire lorry driver was distracted by his phone.

Mark Goldsmith was driving behind the Vauxhall that was carrying his daughter Aimee, 11, partner Tracy Houghton and her sons Ethan, 13, and Josh, 11, when the tragic incident happened.

The two cars were waiting on the A34 near Newbury on August 10 when they were crashed into by a lorry driven by Tomasz Kroker, who was looking at music on his phone at the time.

Tracy and the children were killed instantly when their car was forced under another lorry in front, crushing it to a third of its normal size.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mark said: ‘It was a scene of total carnage. I still see it every time when I go to sleep and when I wake up.

‘I relive that moment every day. One big bang and they weren’t there anymore.

‘I started sobbing. I threw up, they had died instantly.’

He added that after the crash he had ‘staggered’ from the vehicle to try and save the family, but it was too late.

Kroker, from Andover in Hampshire, was jailed for 10 years last week.