Grimson: New moves over missing sailor

PSYCHOPATH Allan Grimson is still the main suspect in the murder of a Royal Navy sailor.

A file naming Grimson as the prime suspect has been given to the top prosecutor in Gibraltar, where 18-year-old Simon Parkes disappeared in 1986.

Detectives today vowed to carry on hunting for clues to bring the teenager's killer to justice, even though his body was never found.

Officers travelled to Gibraltar to hand the murder case file to the territory's director of public prosecutions, Ricky Rhoda.

He will have the final say on whether any prosecution can be brought over the killing.

Grimson, who lived in North End, Portsmouth, is serving two life sentences in high-security Full Sutton Prison.

Simon Parkes's body has never been found despite extensive digging and searching in Gibraltar. Officers even hunted for remains in the sewers.

The Alan Grimson Trial.