Groups form to prepare for flood woe

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COMMUNITIES are better prepared than ever for bad weather as plans have been put into place to deal with emergencies.

The plans have been made as a joint response to last winter’s severe weather and were presented to the Hampshire Partnership last week.

Community action groups, such as the one in Hambledon, were proposed for their effectiveness and the council will encourage more to form.

More than 35 communities are currently working with the county council to develop plans, including Finchdean and Rowlands Castle.

Council leader Roy Perry, said: ‘Last winter presented tough challenges, which were tackled with hard work and commitment by all the partner agencies.

‘There were some learning points, not least that investing in community resilience is crucial to how rural communities are able to cope.’

The groups continue to work with councils, the Environment Agency and water companies to address risks from flooding in the future.