Groups tell how share of money could help

HAPPY GROUP Cubs at the 61st St Nicholas Scout Group
HAPPY GROUP Cubs at the 61st St Nicholas Scout Group

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MORE groups have praised a cash giveaway which can see them win a share of £250,000.

The News and the Big Lottery fund have joined forces to give community groups, parish and towns council clubs, schools and health bodies the chance to win up to £30,000.

Joe Hunter, the Scouts’ assistant district commissioner, said even the smallest amount of £10,000 would make a big difference.

He said: ‘It is a really good scheme which could help so many of the Scout groups in Portsmouth.

‘For us, we would have to look at applying as one big Scout group or seeing if a couple of specific groups want to apply.

‘Each Scout group has different needs.

‘One Scout group is trying to get a new building for their meetings.

‘It is falling apart but to replace it could take years of fundraising.

‘So £10,000 could make a massive difference.

‘I don’t think people realise how much money goes into Scouts so if we got the funding it would be great.’

The News Cash for Communities will give the lucky winners the chance to start a project, run new classes, build community gardens or set up after-school clubs.

For a community association, it would give them the chance to build a new cafe.

Tania Jones is the centre manager of Hayling Island Community Centre and a member of their community association.

If the association was awarded money, Tania said it would go towards a new cafe.

She added: ‘The one thing our community centre is missing is a cafe. People have nowhere to meet and are having to stand around in the car park. For The News to offer such a huge sum of money to groups is fantastic.’


TO APPLY for a grant you will need to be a community group, a not-for-profit group or a parish or town council.

Health bodies and schools can also be nominated.

Groups do not have to be a registered charity to apply.

One of the requirements is having a bank account that requires at least two people to sign each cheque or withdrawal. You must also be in a position to use the grant within one year.

Applications will be accepted until August 4.

A shortlist will then be made on September 16 with readers of The News being able to vote for their favourites.

There will also be the chance for readers to see exactly what the money will be spent on for two weeks after September 16.

The groups with the most votes will be announced on October 7.

Applications and more information on the grants and the necessary requirements are available from or on 01256 776109.