Guns on the move

GOING OFF Guns are to be moved to museum
GOING OFF Guns are to be moved to museum
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GUNS from the Mary Rose are being moved so they can take pride of place in a state-of-the-art new museum.

Oxford Exhibition Services has won a contact to undertake an historic move on behalf of the Mary Rose Trust at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The company has been appointed to move the ship’s guns from their current positions within the existing museum to the new Mary Rose Museum which is due to open in late 2012.

Professor Mark Jones, head of collections at the trust, said: ‘We have been working for many years to provide a beautiful and secure environment to house the finest collection of 16th century artefacts in the world.

‘Moving the Mary Rose’s guns is one part of this huge undertaking, which involves working with a 450-year-old structure in a dry dock.’