Hambledon blaze miraculously puts itself out

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A POTENTIALLY devastating fire managed to put itself out in a one-in-a-million fluke.

Landlords at The Chairmakers, at Worlds End, Hambledon, woke up this morning to find a charred blackened utility room at the back of the pub – but no fire to be seen.

The tumble dryer and clothes on top of it had caught fire at about 2.30am today.

But the blaze was put out after a pipe connected to a nearby washing machine melted and doused the fire with water.

Two fire engines from Waterlooville were called out at about 7.15am.

Ralph Hutton, station manager at Waterlooville, said: ‘They had quite a fire in their utility room and it caused quite extensive damage.

‘There must have been a lot of heat because the windows flew out.

‘The fire did not spread anywhere because the fire door held everything back.

‘The fire melted a water pipe fitted to the washing machine.

‘The water sprayed over the fire and acted like a sprinkler system and extinguished the fire.

‘It was just an absolute fluke that it sprayed where the fire was.’

Staff at The Chairmakers declined to speak to The News.

Mr Hutton praised the landlords for not opening the door to the utility room after spotting the smoke this morning and dialling 999 straight away.

He said: ‘That was a very good call. Fortunately there was no backdraft.’

The room was flooded with water and smoke damaged when firefighters arrived.

The exact cause of the blaze is being investigated.

Mr Hutton added: ‘It’s possible there was an electrical fault in the tumble dryer.

‘We think the fire developed in the clothes of top of the dryer and then went down into the tumble dryer.’