Hampshire couple make an exceptionally rare discovery

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A RARE species, found only in Hampshire, has been spotted by a couple of avid walkers.

John Cuthbert and Debbie Bowers were walking through Gilkicker Point and Browndown, near Gosport, when they came across the Gilkicker Weevil P. haematocephalus.

Typically found in coastal areas, the endangered P. haematocephalus is recognised as a priority species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. In a 32-hour survey in 2000, only one was found within a 250m radius of Fort Gilkicker, with most recorded sightings taking place in June.

Mr Cuthbert said: ‘Debbie, my partner, found two; the bigger one was 4mm long, and the smaller one was about 3mm.

‘It’s an incredibly rare beauty to have found.’