Hampshire fire-fighting techniques to be used in the US

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TACTICS used by Hampshire firefighters to save lives could soon be used on the other side of the Atlantic.

Firefighters from the US state of Oregon have been given a hands-on lesson in firefighting after visiting the country for a 12-day trip this month.

The group of five have been integrated into busy watches with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service in Portsmouth and Southampton where Hampshire’s representatives have demonstrated the various techniques they use to save lives.

Tim Craig, the Sisters-Camp Sherman district deputy fire chief, said: ‘The visit has been extremely interesting, I cannot overstate how useful it is to have this experience.

‘It’s been really eye-opening and you gain so much from just having a cup of tea with somebody from a different service.’

The Oregon servicemen were also trained in Hampshire’s SAVE model which is about using thermal imaging cameras and ultra-high-pressure lances when dealing with fires.

Deputy Chief Craig added: ‘Ultra-high-pressure lances have not yet taken off in the US but I can see the difference they would make. We have learnt so much.’