Hampshire firefighters come to animals’ rescue

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A HORSE and a heifer were rescued by firefighters after both beasts got themselves trapped.

The first call-out was to an eventing horse that became stuck over the breast bar of a horse trailer.

Crews from Horndean and Havant went to Highbank Farm, in Petersfield Lane, Clanfield, at about 9.20am on Sunday.

Buster Brown, animal rescue specialist, said: ‘It was apparent that the horse was in some distress as she had become pinned over the bar compromising her heart and lungs.

‘Under my guidance firefighters got to work simultaneously and cut the bar and dividing partition to release the horses weight off the bar.

‘Once the obstruction had been removed I was able to lead the horse out of her box.’

At midday an Aberdeen Angus heifer was rescued from a ditch after it had jumped over a fence in Hinton Manor Lane, Clanfield.