Hampshire’s coastguard helicopter sent to M5 crash site

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SOLENT Coastguard was called to help the emergency services at the motorway crash which has claimed seven lives.

The crash on Friday night on the M5 in Somerset is one of the worst ever motorway accidents in the UK.

The horrific crash involved six lorries and 30 cars, leaving 51 people injured.

Solent Coastguard received a call for assistance at 9.30pm and sent a helicopter to the scene to help the recovery effort.

A spokesman for the Coastguard, said: ‘There wasn’t much they could actually do because of the fog.

‘They were requested to search the area but they couldn’t because of the bad weather.’

A ball of flames engulfed the vehicles and dozens of people clamoured desperately to get out of its path. Many cars were incinerated.

Seven people have been confirmed dead.

Avon and Somerset Police say they are investigating whether heavy smoke from a nearby fireworks display may have caused the crash.