Hampshire Scouts and Guides build a medical centre

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A GROUP of Scouts and Guides from Hampshire have helped to build a new medical centre in Tanzania.

The group from Hampshire and other counties spent four weeks in Western Tanzania, including helping to build a medical centre in the remote village of Itete.

An estimated crowd of 4,000 people from the village and surrounding area celebrated the grand opening of the new medical centre.

Julian Sore, the expedition leader, said: ‘The team were in amazingly good spirits, everybody fit and healthy, content from the variety of delicious delicacies.

‘For a gang of Scouts and Guides, it has been a massive project to undertake, however it’s a good job that they are very used to being faced with a variety of exciting tasks and challenges.’

There were many jobs involved in the building project such as painting, landscaping, fitting doors, and moving in furniture and beds.

The Scouts and Guides also travelled to eastern Tanzania to explore the country and coastline.