Hampshire volunteers get the big clean up going

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WHILE many of us were enjoying our weekend, groups of dedicated volunteers took to streets and beaches as part of a litter-pick campaign.

As part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch Big Weekend campaign, groups combed beaches in Lee-on-the-Solent, Havant, Southsea and Gosport on Saturday.

WILLING Volunteers get ready. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (132600-3)

WILLING Volunteers get ready. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (132600-3)

Then on Sunday, a group of businesses, community groups and Scouts took to Walpole Park and Stoke Road to make sure it too was clean and tidy.

The event had been organised by Litteraction, which often hold litter picks in the Gosport area.

Organiser Graham Smith said: ‘It’s not just about cleaning up and rubbish, it’s about creating awareness and being proactive. The big beach clean was this weekend and it was also the global Clean Up The World weekend, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a Gosport litter pick too.’

Scouts, cubs and beavers from 5th Gosport Sea Scouts were on the litter pick to earn their environment award.

Scout leader Phil Sandall said: ‘I tell then it is important because they cannot rely on the adults of this world to look after it. Litter picking is a side of scouting that people do not realise exists. It’s about helping the community.’

Jack Brooks, 13, was with the Scouts. He said: ‘Litter annoys me because I have to pick it up. I’d like to tell people to hold on to it until they find a bin because if any animal gets hold of it, it could mess up their stomach.’

Keiran Slade, 11, also with the Scouts, said: ‘Litter is bad because if you drop a bag an animal could suffocate on it.’