Hapless driver involved in low-speed police chase could face jail

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A DRUG addict with anger management issues who led police on a near-comical low-speed chase through Gosport has been offered a stay of execution from prison.

Lyndon Holmes, 36, was involved in the bizarre episode after he was spotted trying to get away from cops in Grange Road before he abandoned his Range Rover in Fairhorne Close in September.

Still from a video sent in by a resident on Britannia Way, Gosport

Still from a video sent in by a resident on Britannia Way, Gosport

Despite being hampered with a flat tyre Holmes persisted to evade authorities while revving his car in a hapless attempt to flee officers after crawling along at a snail’s pace.

He was finally arrested with smoke pouring out of his battered vehicle that was crumpled to one side due to its flat tyre.

Following his misdemeanour he was remanded in custody before his appearance at Portsmouth Crown Court for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop, driving without insurance and a driving licence.

The court heard how Holmes, of Bucksey Road, had ‘acted stupidly’ and rejected the offer of a pre-sentence report from probation at a previous hearing – a move which can be seen as increasing the chances of avoiding jail.

In defence, John Livingstone, said of Holmes’ reckless driving: ‘He knows he behaved very badly and won’t be behaving like that again. He accepts he was stupid.

‘He is someone with mental health, drug abuse and anger management issues.’

Referring to Holmes’ spurning the opportunity to have a pre-sentence report, he added: ‘He’s very sorry with the way he behaved the first time round with probation.’

Mr Livingstone’s attempts to have the case adjourned for a pre-sentence report were successful, though.

Judge David Melville QC said: ‘This is a very serious case that involves bad driving. I can make no promises (about custody) but I am prepared to given him another chance to have a pre-sentence report – it is unusual though.’

An eyewitness, describing the carnage at the time, said: ‘I could hear the sirens in the distance for over 10 to 15 minutes, they were getting louder by the minute.

‘I could tell they were just around the corner so I went to look out of the window. That's when I heard a car driving with a flat tyre and the engine revving.

‘As they drove past I could see the smoke coming from the rear right wheel and the car looked like it was leaning to one side. I was initially shocked, it is a quiet road with hardly any traffic.’

Holmes will now appear at court on November 16. He was remanded in custody.