Happy ending as rescue cat Nancy becomes book star

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PURRING happily in her home, this certainly is the cat that got the cream.

Two years ago, Nancy was in the Stubbington Ark animal shelter, recovering after her owner put her in the microwave for five seconds at a flat in Omega Street, Somers Town.

Pam Jones with her husband Taff Jones and his book and their cat Nancy''''Picture: Sarah Standing (14129-8005)

Pam Jones with her husband Taff Jones and his book and their cat Nancy''''Picture: Sarah Standing (14129-8005)

Luckily for Nancy, a neighbour rescued her, put her in cold water and phoned the police.

The cat was taken by the RSPCA to the Stubbington Ark, near Fareham, and nursed back to health.

Now, not only does Nancy have new loving owners who dote on her every miaow, they have also made her into the star of a children’s book.

Taff Jones, and his wife Pam, from Southsea, have written and published Tales of Nancy Jones, which features three stories.

Taff, 64, said: ‘They are tales of friendliness and kindness – how Nancy lives her life. Children reading these tales will grow up to be good people.’

The couple adopted Nancy after Pam said she wanted a cat for her 40th birthday. Pam originally picked out a three-legged cat as she wanted to give a home to a cat that had no other chance of adoption.

By the time Taff went to visit, the three-legged cat had been adopted, but fate stepped in and he spotted Nancy.

Taff said: ‘I was looking at the cubicles and this little face was looking out at me. She adopted me. I thought she was beautiful and I knew I had to adopt her.

‘When I put a reserve on her in the reception, the whole place fell quiet.

‘They told me her story and I had to sit down as I felt physically ill, to think someone could do that. They said “do you still want her?” and I said “of course!”.’

To say thank you to the Ark for saving Nancy, the couple are donating a percentage of their profits back to their Paws4Help appeal, which hopes to raise £250,000 to rebuild the cattery.

The kind-hearted couple have also been running their own fundraising drive, to raise awareness for the appeal.

Pam, 41, said: ‘We hope that once we have covered our publishing costs, then we can increase this amount. We have been doing table-top sales at the Mountbatten Centre to raise the profile of the book and the charity.’

Taff added: ‘The Ark saved her life, she was with them nine months while the vets got her right. They are still not sure if there is any lasting damage, but she’s very affectionate and she is part of our family.’

Taff hopes to have volume two of Tales of Nancy Jones printed soon and he is working on the plot for volume three. Tales of Nancy Jones has been published by Portsmouth-based publishers Tricorn Books and features photographs of Nancy, woven with beautiful illustration, with a story written by Taff.

It is on sale for £7.95 from Amazon, or from the Stubbington Ark, on Ranvilles Lane, near Fareham.

For more information go to pamandtaffjones.com.