Hats to raise cash for brain tumour research

MAD HATTER Linvoy Primus
MAD HATTER Linvoy Primus

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POMPEY legend Linvoy Primus put on some funky headgear to show his support for ‘Wear a Hat Day’.

Portsmouth University’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence organised the event and asked the community to wear a hat and pay for the privilege.

The fundraiser was hosted to help collect cash towards a £1m target for research into the illness, and many schools and business across the area took part.

The centre’s director, Professor Geoff Pilkington, said: ‘Brain tumour research is viewed very much as a poor relation to other cancers – a situation which appears to be getting worse.

‘Lack of funding has prevented really significant clinical progress and it’s crucial that more funding is ploughed into research so we can start to improve survival rates.’

The organisation also wants to encourage awareness about the disease which kills more children and young people under the age of 45 than any other form of cancer.

Pompey are behind the campaign and will be showing their support yet again at their match against Swansea on April 23 by asking all their fans to wear a hat.

In the UK more than 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour each year and for many the prognosis is not good with only 14 per cent surviving beyond five years.

Yet brain tumour research receives less than one per cent of national cancer research spending.