Havant fly-tippers leave Sue Ryder charity with big bill

MESS Fly-tipping at the back of the Sue Ryder charity shop in North Street, Havant
MESS Fly-tipping at the back of the Sue Ryder charity shop in North Street, Havant
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FLY-TIPPING has cost a charity hundreds of pounds which should go to cancer victims.

The Sue Ryder shop, in North Street, Havant, has been left to foot the bill for piles of rubbish dumped by the occupants of the now-derelict White Hart Pub next door.

Huge piles of bin bags, a snooker table and, at one stage, even a car have been piled up round the back of the shop and the local authority has threatened court action unless it is moved.

Even though Gemma Sinclair, the manager of the shop, has tried to get a response from the owner and former tenant she has been ignored and now must act.

Ms Sinclair said: ‘It is a disgusting mess that is now infested with rats.

‘Environmental health officers came round and, because it’s on our land, we are responsible.

‘There’s the pub’s old football table, even the A-board.

‘There’s bags and bags of rubbish and they keep coming. It’s being used as a dumping ground and there’s nothing we can do about it.

‘Because we’re the tenant we have to get rid of it.’

The charity was threatened with court action unless it had the rubbish removed, which it has now reluctantly agreed to do.

But an initial quote has been for at least £250 and the contractor told Ms Sinclair to expect the total to be much more that.

She added: ‘We are a charity. This money will come directly out of our budget for the shop and it’s not something we can afford.

‘Having to pay for this is going to put a big strain on our finances.

‘It makes me so upset that we have to pay to get rid of somebody else’s rubbish.

‘It is a disgrace.’

The White Hart has been closed for eight months.

The owner, Simon Reeves, said the rubbish is not his problem.

He said the former tenant was responsible for it and he is trying to evict her from the upstairs flat.

Mr Reeves added: ‘It’s not my rubbish, it’s her rubbish.

‘We’re trying to get her out.

‘She wasn’t paying her rent and was causing us real problems.’

The News tried to contact the former landlady, 
Anita Page, but she did not respond.