Havant mum warns of zebra crossing danger

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A MUM has joined forces with an influential group of pensioners to try and get a ‘dangerous’ zebra crossing moved.

Havant MP David Willetts is supporting Emma Ross, 37, who fears there will be a serious accident at the crossing in East Street where she lives.

Peter Walden and Emma Ross on the crossing in East Street, Havant.

Peter Walden and Emma Ross on the crossing in East Street, Havant.

Also with her is Pete Walden, chairman of the Havant Fifty Plus Forum.

They say the problem is that the crossing comes just after a blind bend.

Mrs Ross says there have been several occasions when cars have only just missed her while she was pushing her newborn daughter Eden across the road.

Members of the Havant Fifty Plus Forum have been lobbying Hampshire County Council for years to move the crossing further down the road because it is currently very close to the busy junction of North, South, West and East Street.

Mrs Ross said: ‘This is an accident waiting to happen.

‘There have been a number of times that I’ve started crossing and cars have failed to stop going from the blind corner of North Street into East Street.

‘In fact, I’ve lost count of the number of times it’s happened.

‘Now I’m a new mum, crossing that road with the pram is very worrying.

‘The council needs to be proactive here and move the crossing before something awful happens. Drivers need to be given more chance to react to pedestrians.’

Mr Willetts has written to Hampshire County Council asking them to look into Mrs Ross’s request.

In the letter he said: ‘I do believe this would improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.’

Previous requests by Mr Walden have not been acted upon.

The 83-year-old, of Trosnant Road, said: ‘We have been asking for this for years and it’s fallen on deaf ears.

‘They must do something before someone is killed.’