Havant Post Office stays closed after shock resignation

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A town's main Post Office has closed in a shock move by the subpostmaster.

The Post Office, in North Street, Havant has been closed for almost two weeks following an attempted break-in.

Royal Mail told The News that it could not reopen until repairs were carried out to the back door.

But it has now been revealed that subpostmaster Mark Fletcher has handed back the keys and no longer wants anything to do with the business.

And customers who had paid for furniture and white goods from the business which shared the premises have been left in the lurch with that disappearing too.

Liz Coombes, 52, of Southwood Road, Hayling Island, paid 60 for a fridge for her daughter. When she went to collect it the shop was shut and all the products had gone.

She said: 'It's really important we get the fridge as it's for my daughter who is moving to Northumberland next week.

'The guy who owns it knows he has taken our money and has not even been in contact with us.

'My friend managed to catch him in the shop, told him everything and asked him to contact us but still nothing.

'It's not just the money we are angry about, it's the principle involved here.

'There were no forwarding details put in the window even.'

It is not known why Mr Fletcher left. He saved it from closure in July 2005 when he took over the site.

Council David Guest, who represents St Faiths ward on Havant Borough Council, vowed to make sure there is a new subpostmaster in place as soon as possible.

Susan Dakin, a spokeswoman for the Royal Mail, refused to reveal why Mr Fletcher had left and said there was nothing they could do about the problems with the other business on the site.

She said: 'We are seeking to appoint a temporary subpostmaster for North Street Post Office, Havant, following the resignation of the current subpostmaster.

'We have identified someone to take over in this capacity, but there are necessary legal issues which must first be resolved with the owner of the property in terms of access. 'We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused in the interim.

'Our objective is to re-open the shop as quickly as possible taking into account the circumstances.'

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