Havant young people’s home criticised by inspectors

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CARE at a home for young people with learning disabilities has been criticised by investigators.

Social care watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC) examined Dolphin Court, in Bulbeck Road, Havant, after complaints were made about how it was run by Mencap.

Ten members of staff at the home were suspended after the complaint was made.

The CQC’s report, which has now been released, found areas of major concern.

Investigators found planning documents used to record how each individual should be dealt with in specific circumstances were not up to date.

These records should outline information about how each person should be handled – for example if they become upset.

It found that fluid monitoring charts were not being completed correctly which put residents at risk of dehydration.

In one case a resident was found with a bruise which staff could not explain and which was not on their personal chart – although CQC stressed that it was not thought to be as a result of abuse.

Some staff questioned by the CQC said a recent management restructure left them feeling they did not got the support they needed from managers and staffing shortages meant they could only provide ‘basic care’ to residents.

However, an occupational therapist interviewed during the investigation said they felt residents were well looked after.

Mencap says a robust care plan has been put in place and new managers and extra staff have been brought in.

Mencap chief executive Mark Goldring said: ‘Investigations have shown areas of poor care management and planning, and that our systems were not adhered to, which is of course unacceptable.

‘So far our enquiries have found no evidence that any individual has come to harm as a result of this and no evidence of any abuse has been found.

‘Investigations at Dolphin Court are continuing but no other Mencap services are in any way affected.

‘It is our priority to put the people who live in our service first and we will continue work with the families, Hampshire County Council, other local authorities, the CQC and our staff until further improvements are made.’

The CQC is set to make an unannounced progress inspection within a month.