Have your say on Westbourne’s ‘20 is plenty’ proposals

Westbourne Ride and Stride event to raise awareness of the 20 is Plenty campaign
Westbourne Ride and Stride event to raise awareness of the 20 is Plenty campaign
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Have your say

NOW is the time to stamp out speeding drivers in a village.

That’s the message from campaigners who are urging residents of Westbourne to take part in a consultation which could lead to a 20mph limit through the village.

For almost two years, Emma Weatherstone has been spearheading the campaign over concerns that someone may be injured by drivers who are failing to adhere to the current 30mph limit as they come off the 60mph road into Westbourne.

Following a 900-signature petition presented to West Sussex County Council last year, officers are now taking representations on plans to cut the limit.

Emma, a businesswoman and mum-of-one, said: ‘It’s vital that people have their say on this to make the village safer.

‘Traffic drives through at a horrendous pace. They hurtle in and suddenly slam on the brakes when they realise there are cars parked, people trying to cross the road – there are no crossings.

‘The roads are very narrow. Most cars are parked on the road and that increases the danger when people are driving fast.’

The main problem areas are the entrances to the village – River Street and White Chimney Row.

River Street is home to Westbourne Primary School, while White Chimney Row is the route taken by children on their way to and from Bourne Community School.

Many roads do not have pavements.

Emma added: ‘There is a blind corner on White Chimney Row. I know because I live there and have seen the speed of traffic first-hand.

‘If you see the width of the road it’s ridiculous.

‘The idea is that people who may not stick to the 30mph speed limit will think twice when they see it is 20mph and reduce their speed.

‘It will make it a much safer environment.’

Last month, 100 villagers took part in the annual family fun ride and stride in collaboration with the 20 is Plenty campaign.

It was to highlight the need to make the village a safer place to walk and cycle.

Emma said: ‘It would be a crying shame if people got in the car to drive around the village because they didn’t feel safe walking.’

The consultation runs until August 31.

Responses can be returned in writing to the council or you can fill in the questionnaire at westsussex.gov.uk/westbourne20mph