Having a child against the odds

HAPPY FAMILY Jim, Joseph and Tara Charrin
HAPPY FAMILY Jim, Joseph and Tara Charrin
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Sara Pollard, director of Free From Temptation Ltd, tells the emotional story of one families journey to become parents

Every year 250,000 women experience miscarriages, 3,500 babies are stillborn and 55,000 babies are born prematurely.

Tommy’s charity funds medical research into the causes and fight to save babies lives.

This is a cause very close to my heart.

Local mum, Tara Charrin, has a rare condition called Cervical Incompetency, and she is also one of my best friends.

This condition meant that during her second trimester of pregnancy her body couldn’t hold the weight of her baby.

At 19 weeks pregnant she was very close to going into labour with only 5mm of cervix remaining, at this stage of pregnancy it should be between 30 and 50mm.

Her baby, Joseph, was far too little to be born then and would have most certainly died if that had happened.

Tara was given immediate surgery to help her carry his weight but it was still a very dangerous time for little Joseph.

Both Tara and her husband Jim were told he could be born any day, and that they should expect him to be very premature.

However, Joseph had a surprise for them and amazingly he was born at 39 weeks, perfectly healthy and happy.

Their ‘rainbow’ baby - my godson - brightens up the lives of everyone he meets with his cheeky grin.

It has not been easy for them, prior to Tara’s diagnosis in 2013, Joseph’s big brother, Robert, was born at just 21 weeks.

Sadly he died during birth before anyone but his Mum and Dad got to meet him.

Since Robert’s death the family have been fundraising for Tommy’s and have raised almost £1700 through an ‘In Memory Page’ and varied sponsored events.

Most recently Tara and Joseph took part in the Waterbabies Splash-athon for Tommy’s raising a whopping £312.50.

Tara is an inspiration to all women.

She’s become one of the strongest women I have ever had the privilege to know and am proud to call her one of my best friends.

It is her determination to have Joseph despite the odds that shows such courage.

Thanks to Tommy’s, Tara and Jim are now planning the appropriate steps to have their next child.

I wish them all the love, luck and strength in the world in hoping they are able to do so.

Their just giving page has more information on the charity and the memory of Robert, visit: www.justgiving.com/RobbieCharrin.