Hayling Ferry service expected to restart on Monday after pontoon drama

The Hayling Ferry
The Hayling Ferry
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The Hayling Ferry is expected to stay out of action until Monday after an accident which led to a passenger being taken to hospital.

Passengers had a lucky escape when it ran out of control and hit a pontoon.

An ambulance was called to the Eastney side of Langstone Harbour when the Hayling Ferry smacked into the pontoon at 11.30am yesterday.

As it was going across the harbour the throttle cable snapped and the pilot could not stop it from crashing.

When it hit the pontoon, a passenger fell over and bicycles which were on a raised stand also hit the deck.

Eyewitness Roger Cobbett, 71, from Northney Road, Hayling, said: ‘I was waiting for the ferry with my bike and I watched it come over from Hayling and it was going fast.

‘It hit the pontoon with a hell of a whack.

‘There was a lot of shouting for an ambulance because a fellow had fallen down with some bikes.

‘Apparently the throttle cable had jammed.’

Tina Edwards, who runs the ferry company, confirmed one person was taken to hospital suffering from shock, but was not physically injured.

She said the throttle cable had snapped and there was no power to control the ferry.

The ferry will be out of action until Monday, when engineers are scheduled to look into the cause.