Hayling Island’s roads need to be scrutinised before more houses are built, say Ukip

Homes on Hayling seafront ''''Picture: Shaun Roster'www.shaunroster.smugmug.com
Homes on Hayling seafront ''''Picture: Shaun Roster'www.shaunroster.smugmug.com
  • In 2011 thousands campaigned for a major review into Hayling’s infrastructure
  • A review was promised but not carried out
  • Ukip councillor says it should now happen ahead of hundreds more houses being built, putting pressure on roads
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CALLS have been made for a major review of Hayling’s infrastructure before any more houses are given the go-ahead.

Hundreds of new homes are to be built on the island in line with Havant Borough Council’s homes allocations plan.

At the moment we build and build and it seems we just have to live with it

John Perry

But Councillor John Perry, of Ukip, said the island’s roads, doctors and schools are under huge pressure and a review should take place by Hampshire County Council.

‘Central government has decided we must build these homes,’ said Cllr Perry.

‘Havant has a target of 300 homes a year that it must meet.

‘They are incentivised to build new homes because they will make money from the New Homes Bonus – which I do not agree with.

‘At the moment we build and build and it seems we just have to live with it.

‘But I think we need a proper infrastructure review of the island to see what it can accept.’

Three years ago a petition was started by Hayling Island Residents’ Association calling on Havant Borough Council to complete a full review, but it was never carried out.

Mr Perry said: ‘We were promised one years ago but it never materialised.

‘Hampshire County Council should now do it.’

Hayling Island is notoriously difficult to get on and off particularly during rush hour and during weekends in the summer.

In 2011, 4,000 people signed a petition calling for a reduction in the number of homes the council earmarked for the island over the next 20 years in the Local Plan – the blueprint for development in the borough.

The petition called for a comprehensive review of Hayling’s infrastructure and housing plans.

Councillor Sean Woodward, who is responsible for transport and roads at the county council, said a review was unlikely.

He said: ‘These planning applications are for the borough council to determine.

‘If Havant has allocated land for housing they are essentially saying that developments will get planning permission.

‘Applications of a certain size will go before the highways department and they will respond accordingly.’