Hayling Island 'UFO' were 25 Chinese lanterns

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The mystery surrounding strange glowing lights in the night sky has been unravelled.

There were a number of reports of orange orbs appearing above Hayling Island on Saturday night, and even the coastguard was alerted.

Those who saw them swore they were not of this world but evidence has emerged on the internet video sharing site YouTube which reveals they were Chinese lanterns let off by a group of friends on the seafront.

About 25 were let off by friends calling themselves Spacey and Furbag in Wittering Road, on the eastern part of the island, starting at around 10pm.

More were set off in the north of the island. The miniature hot air balloons are powered by a small fuel block which takes them up into the sky before they burn out.

Spacey – who did not want to reveal his true identity – said, 'We had a crowd of people involved by the time we'd finished, including a fisherman, a Polish man and a young mum with her two kids helping to launch them too.

'It was nothing more than a bit of a wheeze, and a fun way to start the summer.'

The News was contacted by several people stunned by the sight of the-then unexplained lights.

Watch the video of the orange orbs