Hayling woman will watch launch of spacecraft

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TWITTER has won a Hayling Island resident the chance to watch the launch of a Nasa spacecraft.

Businesswoman Justine Mackinnon was one of 150 people selected to attend a ‘Tweetup’ in the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, USA.

She will witness the launch of two Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (Grail) spacecraft aboard Delta II rockets headed for the moon during a two-day trip on September 7 and 8.

At the event Justine and the other 149 followers of Nasa on Twitter will interact with engineers and scientists from Grail and other upcoming Nasa missions and tour the Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex.

Justine said: ‘Being selected for the Nasa Tweetup is an incredible honour especially since this looks like the last launch from this location.

‘Being part of the event means I’ll meet people who make the space program successful and interact with fellow attendees who share my interest in Nasa.

‘Through Twitter, I’ll be sharing the incredible experience with my followers by composing informative tweets no longer than 140 characters and posting photos and videos.’

The two Grail spacecraft will fly in tandem orbits around the moon to measure its gravity field in the hope of answering questions about how Earth formed.