£1.8m of lottery cash to boost wellbeing

Joanna and Mark Atkins - Tim Atkins's sister and brother

Portsmouth cycle safety scheme is ‘too little, too late to save Tim’ say family

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A £1.8 MILLION lottery grant will be used to improve people’s wellbeing across the area.

The money is part of a £40m investment from the Big Lottery Fund’s national £200m wellbeing programme.

It will help people with complex needs in Portsmouth, such as increasing cycling opportunities for disabled people by providing adapted bicycles.

Rimple Poonia, senior manager at Public Health Portsmouth, said: ‘We are delighted to work with local communities on improving their mental health, healthy eating and increasing their physical activity.

‘In our previous 
lottery-funded programme, almost 65,000 people took part in physical activities, more than 37,000 people in healthy eating projects and over 17,000 people in mental health schemes, helping to create positive changes in people’s lives.’

Sacha Rose-Smith, Big Lottery Fund spokesman, said: ‘Community-based projects like this can have a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

‘This funding will help thousands of people to lead a healthier lifestyle and become more active.’