20-stone man should follow my example

Geoffrey Brooking
Geoffrey Brooking

Residents in south east ‘in hibernation’

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A MAN who slimmed down from 30 stone is urging Darin McCloud, who is piling on the pounds to get a weight-loss operation, to follow his example.

Geoffrey Brooking became huge after years eating unhealthy foods and avoiding exercise.

Geoffrey Brooking and Debra Doy

Geoffrey Brooking and Debra Doy

But thanks to a healthy diet, joining the gym and taking on an active job delivering leaflets, Geoffrey shed more than half his body weight and now weighs 14 stone.

Now the 39-year-old is urging 20-stone Mr McCloud, who The News revealed is eating himself heavier to reach the target weight to be considered for a gastric bypass – to follow in his footsteps and lose the weight naturally.

‘I did it, and so can he,’ said Geoffrey of Eastern Road, Milton. ‘I was really overweight and knew I had to change.

‘It started with getting a casual leafleting job in July 2008. I was delivering about 2,000 leaflets a week, then built up to 3,000 and carried on building it up and am delivering up to 7,000 leaflets a week now.

‘In January 2009, I decided to go on a diet too.

‘I sorted out a diet plan and replaced all unhealthy foods with healthy options. I did my research and started looking at food labels.

‘I also started doing exercise. By August 2009 I was down to 21 stone. Then I decided to step it up a gear and joined Fitness First and had a personal trainer and by December last year I was 14 stone.

‘Now I’m still eating healthy and I love it. I actually enjoy eating healthy foods.

‘And I’m addicted to the gym. I go every morning at 6.30am.’

He added: ‘I’ve got sympathy for Darin – I know where he’s coming from.

‘I thought about a gastric bypass at one point but I’m too scared of going under the knife and I’ve read stories where it doesn’t work or someone’s condition gets worse or they have complications.

‘Darin has the wrong attitude though and needs to change his approach. He can lose the weight himself, he just needs to set himself targets, like a target weight to get to or pick some clothes he’d like to fit in to.

‘Then it’s a case of perseverance, sticking to diets and an exercise regime.’

But Mr McCloud, 45 – who is trying to get to 21 stone to qualify for surgery on the NHS – says he has tried to lose weight and it hasn’t worked. Mr McCloud of Stanley Road, Stamshaw, said: ‘I’ve tried all my life to lose weight. I did the gym for a year but I didn’t lose an awful lot, I just toned up instead. Surgery is my last resort.’

‘It will help me lose weight and help my diabetes. I still want it and my hospital consultant thinks I should have it too.’