Advice: be alcohol-free for a few days a week

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PEOPLE are being advised to have a break from alcohol for a couple of days ahead of an awareness week.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs from Monday, November 19, to Sunday, November 25, and aims to make sure people are being sensible with their drinking habits.

The advice is to have at least two days drink-free in any week – especially if there has been a night of heavy drinking.

According to primary care trust cluster Ship – which covers Hampshire – across the county and the Isle of Wight, there are 65,526 people classed as ‘high-risk’ drinkers, which equates to four per cent of the adult population.

A further 297,282 people, or 20 per cent, are classified as ‘increasing risk’.

Dr Andrew Mortimore, interim director of public health in Portsmouth, said: ‘Alcohol is a complex issue with a range of risks for different groups of people, for example pregnant women, older people and young people.

‘It makes good sense to look for a simple message and useful tools to help people with how much and how often they drink.

‘Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying one or two glasses of wine or beer some days – but not every day.

‘Drinking at this level every day increases the risk of it developing into a longer-term health problem.

‘If you are concerned about your own drinking or that of a loved one, then make an appointment with your GP to seek further help.’