Advice for people with lung conditions on how to stay well

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WITH temperatures due to stay around freezing and more snowfall forecast, people living with lung conditions are at risk of feeling the cold more.

Dr Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation says these cold snaps can affect people with a lung disease.

But they can help themselves to help prevent a worsening of their condition.

She said: ‘People with respiratory diseases such as COPD or severe asthma can be particularly susceptible to the effects of a sudden cold snap, finding themselves shorter of breath and coughing more than usual.

‘Many of the ways in which people with lung disease can avoid a worsening of their condition are common sense.

‘Wearing more layers and warmer clothing, even at night, and keeping the home well-ventilated but warm – around 21Cin the living room, around 18 in the bedroom.’