Advice on keeping well and warm in winter

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KEEPING warm during winter can prevent serious illnesses.

That is the message from local authorities and GPs who are urging people to keep warm while the cold weather continues.

Following the advice could prevent colds, flu or more serious health problems for people who are vulnerable.

Tips for keeping warm include heating the house to at least 18C and keeping curtains and doors shut, using a hot water bottle while in bed, drinking hot drinks and meals regularly and keeping active in the home.

Dr Jason Horsley, director of Public Health at Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘Cold weather can have a huge impact on our health, particularly for those more vulnerable so it’s important to know the best ways to look after yourself.

‘There is support available for people who might struggle such as a free home visit from the LEAP team who can provide energy-saving advice and products and a reduced tariff from Portsmouth Water for those on low incomes.’