‘Age is no barrier...’ David urges people to donate a kidney

Kidney donor David Rang.
Kidney donor David Rang.

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AT FIRST David Rang thought age would be a barrier in order for him to become a living kidney donor.

But after doing some research, he realised age was no problem.

As long as his kidney was healthy, he could be an altruistic donor.

So last summer, Mr Rang, of New Park Road in Chichester, donated a kidney last summer at the age of 59.

The procedure took place at Queen Alexandra Hospital, which has performed the highest number of altrustic donor procedures.

Now, on World Kidney Day, Mr Rang is encouraging others to follow suit.

He said: ‘I used to work at IBM in Portsmouth and used to go running with a close mate.

‘His sister had donated a kidney in America, and I thought what a fantastic thing to do.

‘At the time you couldn’t do it in this country. When it did become available here, I thought I would be too old.’

But Mr Rang, an accountant, read an article which featured a person older than him, who had become a donor.

‘The man in the story was in his 60s and I was in my 50s.’ added Mr Rang.

‘That’s when I decided to get more information.’

Mr Rang was referred to the Renal Unit at QA in Cosham.

After several months of health tests, he was given the go ahead to become a donor.

He said: ‘The renal unit was absolutely amazing.

‘Throughout the process I felt I was the priority and they put my mind at ease. If you are eligible I would suggest you donate.

‘It will make such an amazing difference to someone else’s life.

‘So many people would benefit from it and help cut down the waiting list for kidneys.’

Mr Rang’s procedure took two-and-a-half hours, after which he spent five weeks recovering in QA.

He still leads an active life and enjoys walking and cycling.

As previously reported, 60 altruistic procedures took place across 17 centres in the country.

QA, in Cosham, performed 11 of them – more than any other centre.

Age is no barrier, which was proven by QA patient Nicholas Crace, who became the oldest living altruistic donor at the age of 83.

To find out more, visit nhsbt.nhs.uk.